Guiding Principles

The Max Planck Foundation is guided by the principles of neutrality, independence and local ownership.

The Foundation cherishes its political neutrality. Only when partners are convinced that the Foundation is not following a political agenda, can it successfully provide sustainable and lasting support. To ensure neutrality, great emphasis is placed on the Foundation’s independence. Although politically active donors may provide funding, the Foundation alone decides which projects to take on and how to implement them. To that extent, the Foundation stands in line with the principle of scientific independence, one of the basic principles of the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science.

A further maxim of the Foundation’s work is the principle of local ownership. Working with local stakeholders has constantly been at the core of projects over the past ten years. The Foundation carries out its work with a view to establishing dialogue between local stakeholders and, if prudent, international partners. The exact format of a project, its objectives, activities and implementation timeframe are determined by local stakeholders and further developed in cooperation with the Foundation.