More than a decade after the end of Taliban rule, Afghanistan has witnessed many changes, but a strengthened State that promotes the rule of law and the observation of minimum standards of human rights remains an elusive goal. Nevertheless, a generation of young and – at least partially – socially engaged legal professionals coupled with improving standards in legal education and legislation provide cause for careful optimism.

The Max Planck Foundation primarily supports capacity building for the Afghan justice institutions, the state administration, universities and the state legislature. Other projects aim at further developing Afghan public law with a particular focus on constitutional and administrative matters. In all their activities, the legal analysts and researchers of the Max Planck Foundation focus on areas essential for the development of the rule of law, many of which have otherwise been overlooked by the international community.

Alongside project-based work, the Foundation’s analysts and researchers are engaged in academic research and analysis. Recent publications include articles on the involvement of the international military forces in justice reform and legal pluralism. A series of conferences on contemporary Afghan Legal Studies was launched in April 2014.