Water Law and Cooperation in the Euphrates-Tigris Region: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Approach

Recommended Literature and Database

This database was created within the framework of the “Water Project” of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (2010–2012), which dealt with the legal dimensions of the Euphrates and Tigris conflict and was funded by the German Foreign Office. In addition to a selection of applicable international treaties and national legal texts it includes references to relevant literature which provide interested persons with a good overview of the issues.

Global and Regional Public International Law

  • Max Planck Compilation of International Water Law Treaties and other Legal Instruments (PDF-en)
  • Max Planck Compilation of International Treaties and other Documents Relative to the Euphrates-Tigris-Region (PDF-en)

National Law


  • Legislation on Water Resources Protection in Iraq: An Overview of the Basic Legal Features (PDF-en)(PDF-ar)
  • Ministry of Water Resources Law (PDF-ar)
  • Regulation on the Preservation of Water Resources (PDF-ar)
  • Law of the General Authority for Water and Sewage (PDF-ar)
  • Environment Protection and Improvement Law (PDF-ar)
  • Kurdistan Ministry of Water Resources Law (PDF-ar)



  • Legislative Framework for Water Management in Turkey                                                     (PDF-en)(PDF-ar)(PDF-tr)


  • Overview of the Water Law of the Federal Republic of Germany                                          (PDF-en)(PDF-ar)(PDF-tr)(PDF-de)

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