Seminar on “International Law and Diplomacy”, 14–18 September 2013 in Kabul

The Max Planck Foundation organised a series of seminars on diplomatic and strategic negotiation skills from 14–18 September

The event took place at the Institute of Diplomacy of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The seminar was part of a project aimed at improving the knowledge of international law as well as the diplomatic capabilities of the staff of Afghan ministries.

Afghanistan has signed numerous international agreements. In order to implement such agreements a solid knowledge of their contents and the rights and duties established therein is a basic requirement. Such knowledge is necessary for the correct application of the agreements and the achievement of the goals associated with them. The Max Planck Foundation’s seminars served to increase the relevant capacities of different ministries and public institutions. In addition to this, they were aiming at establishing networks between the country’s few experts of international law and at facilitating an exchange of knowledge between them. Therefore, the participants of each seminar were staff members from different ministries.

Each of the seminars built on the previous ones and participants were soon to attend seminars in which the basics of international law was addressed in detail. As well as this, participants could also attend follow-on courses dealing with important issues such as international environmental law. Additionally, courses on diplomatic skills were being held.

A further seminar dealing with the issue of international economic law was held later that year from 30 November to 11 December. The seminars were conducted partially in English and partially in Dari in order to ensure a clear understanding of the subject matters at hand.