Missions to the “Forgotten Provinces” in 2013 Completed

Having conducted a capacity building training for prosecutors and judges in Uruzgan in August 2013, the Max Planck team in Kabul continued its efforts to raise awareness and promote legal capacity in ten Afghan provinces

A second mission was launched during the month of October after activities in the “forgotten provinces” have been initiated in Jawzjan with the aim of equipping participants from the Attorney’s General Office and the Department of Women Affairs offices with much needed legal capacities concerning the Juvenile Delinquency Code and juvenile matters.

Moreover, various missions were accomplished in November 2013 in Nuristan, Ghor and Daikundi; the topics presented to the participants focused on Family Law, Criminal Law, Juvenile Code and Civil Law. The attendees came from the Attorneys General Office, the Afghan Independent Human Right Commission, the Department of Women Affairs and the Department of Justice offices in the previously mentioned provinces.

Farah and Nimruz provinces were covered with trainings during December and participants were invited to Herat province in order to receive training in capacity building focusing on investigation methods and the Civil Procedure Code in particular. In the same month a mission was completed in Kunar where 15 participants took part in.

The planned missions to Zabol and Khost were held in the city of Kabul instead of the provinces themselves. The main aim of the training here was to fill knowledge gaps and provide legal technical assistance in matters such as biometric evidence in criminal procedures, as well as to enhance the independence of the judiciary.

Further information on the over all project “Strengthening the Judiciary in ‘Forgotten Provinces’”