Study: Capacities of Justice Institutions in Afghan Provinces

The study will pave way for further assistance projects in Afghan provinces where efforts to rebuild the justice system have been neglected

Researchers of the Max Planck Foundation have analysed the capacities of the justice institutions – particularly courts, prosecution and bar – in Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

The assessment study “Capacities of the Justice Institutions in the Afghan Provinces” describes the situation in each province in context and compares the results. The authors come to the conclusion that in about one third of the provinces, justice institutions have not sufficiently been supported since the fall of the Taliban regime. They identified a number of factors leading to such neglect, including remoteness from large urban centres, presence of insurgents, and the absence of Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) that facilitated international support to the justice institutions in other places.

The study is currently under review by Afghan institutions and support organisations that have been active in the area of justice reform.