Mission to Ghor Province Completed

Capacity building for Legal Staff in one of Afghanistan’s “Forgotten Provinces”

The Max Planck Foundation in cooperation with the Hamida Barmaki Organization in Kabul implemented successfully a legal capacity building mission in the province of Ghor, a training which is part of the designed missions of the “Forgotten Provinces” project. The training on property law and ownership was held during the period between 9–14 August 2014 to satisfy the most urgent needs for capacity building of the legal staff working in the province. The participants were judges, prosecutors and members of Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA).

Despite the deteriorated security situation in Ghor province the team was able to proceed and implement the mission. Matters regarding property rights and the mechanism for solving property claims were explained and discussed during the days of this unique training which was held for the first time in Ghor province.