Human Rights 2014: New Topics and Current Developments

Upcoming: Seminar in Heidelberg for representatives of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission

High-ranking representatives of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) will be visiting the Max Planck Foundation soon for a seminar on the topic of human rights. Themes with particular relevance to Afghan society will be dealt with, including children’s rights and the rights of minorities. Additionally, the possible emergence of new rights in academic discourse and in international legal practice will be discussed, such as the right to water or the right to development. Talks on individual topics will be given by Foundation experts. Additionally, the attendance of Dr. Payam Akhavan, Associate Professor from the McGill University, Montreal (Canada), as a lecturer for the event has been confirmed.

The AIHRC is a state commission charged with the promotion and protection of human rights provided for in Afghanistan’s Constitution as well as ensuring compliance with them. This seminar is part of the ongoing cooperation activities with the commission of recent years and is intended to facilitate the commission in fulfilling its responsibilities.

The seminar is being financed by the German Foreign Office.