Project for Improving the Afghan Legislative Process in Afghanistan: Final Seminar

The Max Planck Foundation provided an executive seminar on “Legislative Drafting in Afghanistan” at the end of November 2014

The executive seminar set out to summarise the results and contents of previous workshops that were prepared in the context of the project “Improving the Afghan Legislative Process”. Therefore, the seminar addressed to executives of various Afghan ministries which are responsible for drafting and reviewing new laws, including in particular the head of the Taqnin Department of the Ministry of Justice and many more other law professionals involved in the preparation and review of draft laws.

In addition to questions of technical writing and legal examination of laws, experiences with recent proposed legislation and the process steps in the development of a draft law in Afghanistan were subject of the seminar. Furthermore, international experts were present in order to gain a comparative perspective on the subject.

Further information about the project “Improving the Afghan Legislative Process