First Afghan Legal Studies Conference Held in Kabul

Max Planck Foundation opens new conference series to strengthen academic legal discourse in Afghanistan

For the first Afghan Legal Studies Conference held in Kabul from 1-3 December 2014, international legal experts met with their Afghan colleagues to hold a comparative discussion about Afghan law. The concept of the conference was to strengthen academic exchange among Afghan law professors, Ph.D. students and independent researchers and connect them with the international scientific community. This conference, aimed at fostering Afghan legal culture and scholarship, successfully challenged the current legal discourse in Afghanistan through both a critical and constructive lens.

As part of the Hamida Barmaki Ph.D. Scholarship Programme, five Ph.D. candidates were selected to present and share their research with Afghan and international experts. The conference was divided into six panels, designed to ensure a comprehensive approach to Afghan legal matters: international law, interdisciplinary studies, public law, private law, rule of law and criminal law.

This first event has paved the way for a yearly Afghan Legal Studies Conference. Selected papers from this conference will be published in the upcoming Yearbook of Afghan Legal Studies.

The conference was funded by the German Foreign Office.

To access the concept and programme of the conference, please click here.