Workshop of the Network of Afghan Constitutionalists in Tehran

19–21 August 2015: Reform Suggestions of Afghan Constitution finalised

From 19–21 August 2015, all three task forces of the Network of Afghan Constitutionalists, namely “Political Systems and Election Law”, “Constitutional Interpretation and Adjudication” and “Decentralization” foregathered at the Shahid-Beheshti-University in Tehran to discuss and elaborate on those suggestions for constitutional reform in Afghanistan, which were collected in the previous workshops.

The groups discussed various obstacles and problems with the previous reform plans, concerning the Constitution, Electoral Law and Constitutional Justice to prepare concrete proposals.The results of the groups were discussed with Prof. Mohammed Jalali amongst others, who gave his proposals for possible solutions to the problems at hand.

The invited six members of the Network of Afghan Constitutionalists at the end of the workshop expressed their resolve to make use of the reform suggestions achieved and to work further on reform proposals for the respective fields. By the end of the year, they will present a joint paper, which is then to be introduced into the constitutional reform process of the country.

This project was funded by the German Foreign Office.