Strengthening International Legal Assistance in Afghanistan

Max Planck Foundation begins second project phase

After the successful implementation of the first project phase, which dealt with capacity building of responsible staff, the Max Planck Foundation and the Hamida Barmaki Organization for the Rule of Law began working on the second phase of the project. This follow-up phase aims at improving procedures and competences in the field of international cooperation in criminal matters.

To achieve this aim, a Working Group on International Legal Assistance (ILA-WG) was established during the first meeting of the project phase on May 14-15 2016 in Kabul. Participants included representatives of Afghanistan’s Supreme Court, the Attorney General’s Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior.

The ILA-WG discussed the current state of affairs in the area of international cooperation in criminal matters in Afghanistan and prepared a list of project-related issues and a work plan for the next months based on the findings. Renowned experts and responsible staff of the implementing organisations supported deliberations of the ILA-WG. The ILA-WG meeting provided a good starting point for the successful implementation of the project.