Third Afghan Legal Studies Conference in Kabul

Third Afghan Legal Studies Conference took place in Kabul from 3–5 October 2016 hosting guests from 5 different countries

The conference series pursues a unique concept in the context of Afghanistan: to bring together renowned Afghan and international legal scholars to discuss current and fundamental academic legal issues related to Afghanistan. This year, the conference was attended by Afghan, Iranian, American, German and Danish scholars who addressed current legal developments and their theoretical underpinnings in one of the six main thematic areas: private law, criminal law and criminology, administrative law, constitutional law, interdisciplinary and Islamic studies and international law and human rights. The panel on interdisciplinary studies is open for presentations in the fields of legal history, legal sociology, legal anthropology, legal theory, legal philosophy and other areas related to law. Among the presenters were three PhD candidates from the Hamida Barmaki PhD scholarship programme.

The conference was funded by the German Foreign office, as part of the PhD Programme for Afghan Jurists.