Afghan government asks Foundation to expand support to Afghanistan

Meeting with Afghan Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh

Despite the problematic security situation, the Max Planck Foundation continues its work within Afghanistan in an effort to support the country’s stabilisation process.

In a meeting held on 19 July 2017, H.E. the Second Vice President of Afghanistan, Sarwar Danesh, expressed his gratitude for the Foundation’s continuous engagement and discussed current activities focused on the areas of constitutional law, administrative law and academic cooperation with the Foundation’s Managing Director, Tilmann Röder.

Danesh, a professor of public law and renowned author in the area of constitutional law, asked the Foundation to extend its support to the Afghan state in areas considered highly relevant for the sustainable development and stabilisation of the country. This included a request for further assistance in order to enhance the implementation of the Afghan constitution; further support to the Ministry of Justice in order to improve laws; and the development of commentaries on the most important laws (particularly the constitution, the civil code and the penal code). He also pointed out the importance of the National Legal Training Center (NLTC), where law professionals working in public administration and other institutions are educated, and asked the Foundation to assist in the legal education of the NLTC.

As the series of Max Planck Manuals on various legal topics have been highly recommended all over the country, the Second Vice President asked for a broad distribution thereof and more conferences to strengthen the exchange among academics from inside and outside Afghanistan.