Constitutional Law Workshop for Female Judges in Afghanistan organised by the Max Planck Foundation and its local partners

Female judges from Kabul and the Afghan provinces convened for the first workshop discussion on constitutional law

The Foundation and its partners, the Afghan Legal Research Development Organisation (ALRDO) and the Afghanistan Women Judges Association (AWJA), conducted the first workshop discussion on constitutional law in Afghanistan with female judges from Kabul and other provinces from 31 August to 5 September 2019. The Supreme Court was involved in the programme’s organisation with a view to engage their Judicial Training Department in organising similar activities in the future.

Expert presentations ranged from constitutionalism, (including in Islamic countries) to systems of governments with a particular focus on common versus civil law systems. Separation of powers emphasising on judicial independence was among the topics that generated a passionate discussion amongst participants. Overall the female judges demonstrated a significant interest, commitment and curiosity especially in regard to the comparative perspective offered by the programme. The sessions provided by the International Psychosocial Organization (Ipso) aiming at strengthening female judges’ resilience in dealing with challenging cases in an environment of hardship was especially welcomed by the participants.

The workshop offered an opportunity for female judges to voice their concerns relating to their job compounded by obstacles stemming from the overarching, volatile security situation in Afghanistan.

This was part of the project “Strengthening Constitutional Interpretation and the Application of Constitutional Law in Afghanistan“, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.