Workshop on “Constitutional Law in Ordinary Litigation” for female judges in Afghanistan conducted by the Foundation and its local partners

The third and final workshop discussion on constitutional law in ordinary litigation convened female judges from Kabul and the Afghan provinces

The workshop was conducted from 16 to 20 November 2019 by the Max Planck Foundation and its partner organisations, the Afghan Legal Research Development Organisation (ALRDO) and the Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA).

Expert presentations were delivered by researchers from both the Foundation and its partners covering relevant topics of trial court judges’ efforts in adjudicating cases in compliance with the substantive provisions of the Constitution of Afghanistan and putting its values into practice. For the participants this provided an opportunity to approach their work from an international, comparative as well as national perspective. They were familiarised with the indirect effects that constitutions can unfold in dealings between private citizens and were sensitised on their particular role in safeguarding the right to a fair trial. Challenges arising from their local context, such as the treatment of constitutional repugnancy clauses and other overlaps with Islamic jurisprudence in Afghanistan, were among key topics of debate.

The event included additional modules designed by the International Psychosocial Organisation (Ipso) with the aim to raise awareness amongst participating judges of the psychosocial impacts of adjudication in a conflict setting.

The workshop brought one of the two components of the Foundation’s project “Strengthening Constitutional Interpretation and the Application of Constitutional Law in Afghanistan“, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, to a close.