The First Lady of Afghanistan, HE Rula Ghani, meets with the Foundation and its local partners

The meeting concentrated on the current project aimed at improving support for female judges

On 23 November, representatives of the Max Planck Foundation, the Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA) and the Afghan Legal Research Development Organisation (ALRDO) had the honour of meeting the First Lady of Afghanistan, HE Rula Ghani. They took this opportunity to present the work the three organisations have been doing to further the position of female judges in Afghanistan.

In three separate workshops held in 2019, thirty female judges were given an opportunity to engage in critical discussion on the modalities for ordinary judges to apply constitutional rights, including human rights, in their day-to-day work. The third and final workshop, titled “Constitutional Law in Ordinary Litigation” ended on 20 November, when the participants were presented with their certificates.

The First Lady took a keen interest in the project and expressed the importance of advancing the role and position of female judges in the legal system of her country.