The Foundation takes part in a meeting hosted by Integrity Watch Afghanistan

A technical working group meeting on the creation of the country’s conflict of interest system took place in Kabul at the end of November 2019

The Max Planck Foundation participated in a technical working group meeting hosted by Integrity Watch Afghanistan on 27-28 November 2019 in Kabul. The event was part of a series of research projects and policy discussions on the development of Afghanistan’s conflict of interest system initiated by the President in 2017.

As per current research findings, even though the country has laws and institutions in place that can partially deal with conflict of interest, a management system needs to be developed in order to address the issue effectively. The ultimate goal of the meeting was to contribute to the creation of a policy paper that will help the government in designing such a system that effectively curbs conflict of interest and corruption. A wide range of stakeholders shared their experiences and engaged in feedback and discussions.

The Foundation’s country manager for Afghanistan presented international experiences with conflict of interest management and different policy models adopted on national and regional levels.

Other contributions where provided by the National Procurement Authority, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission, civil society organisations and the Office of the Ombudsperson.

The comprehensive perspective achieved in the meeting enabled participants to weigh different policy options and finally opt for the most suitable ones. The results will be used by Integrity Watch Afghanistan to write the policy paper addressing the country’s conflict of interest system and the potential for its development.