The Foundation and its Afghan partner organisation strategise online on how to ensure implementation of this year’s projects

Teams continue to work together on several strategies to effectively implement projects

The outbreak of COVID-19 undeniably represents a significant challenge for the implementation of projects’ activities. Obviously, in view of the security situation in Afghanistan, we have always looked into back-up scenarios to implement the projects without travelling. But the current situation goes beyond that, as larger meetings in Afghanistan are also not possible. Together with the Afghan Legal Research Development Organisation (ALRDO), we are reflecting on options to reach projects’ goals. Holding workshops remotely, podcast series, radio sessions and research publications are only some of the ideas we are currently exploring. The partnership with ALRDO is extremely important in ensuring that the new methodology is tailored to the needs of our stakeholders. The Foundation’s Afghanistan team and ALRDO hold online meetings every week to discuss the content and plan for each projects’ activity. On 11 May, the Foundation’s Head of Project, the Foundation’s Country Manager, and the ALRDO’s Director decided to hold an expanded team meeting also to include the respective financial departments to reflect on a comprehensive approach for all projects.