ALRDO together with the Foundation support the organisation of the third plenary session for female judges

The session took place in Kabul, Afghanistan on 13 August 2020 with the Afghan Women’s Judges Association (AWJA)

The initial session took place in July but due to COVID-19 restrictions, audience numbers needed to be reduced, therefore it was agreed to repeat it to enable different participants to benefit. Once again AWJA was supported online by the Foundation in partnership onsite in Kabul with the Afghan Legal Research and Development Organisation (ALRDO).

Participants were female judges and they discussed the recent draft of a strategical document that would guide the AWJA’s work in the future. Focus was again on which direction the organisation should be heading in 2020 and beyond. AWJA is currently at a critical point and members want to establish how it should define and organise itself best to sustainably foster the cause of Afghan women judges, their role in Afghan society and the judicial system.

The ALRDO Director, Dr Saeed Lutforahman, and the Foundation’s Country Manager for Afghanistan, Dr Ilaria Vianello, addressed the judges once again, offering feedback and help with best practices to ensure local ownership and independent decision-making for AWJA. As in the first session, this one ended with AWJA members positively encouraging the development and strengthening of a professional network and the advocacy work within the Judiciary, particularly with the Supreme Court of Afghanistan. More events for 2020 are scheduled to further support AWJA’s objectives to pave the way for the future.

These events are part of the German Federal Foreign Office funded project “The Afghan Women Judges Association: empowerment through capacity-building, partnership and advocacy“.