The Foundation visits German Constitutional Court to create message for Afghan Women’s Judges Association

Professor Dr Susanne Baer shared experiences on how to advance the causes of equality, justice and the rule of law

The Max Planck Foundation’s Afghanistan team visited Judge of the German Federal Constitutional Court, Professor Dr Susanne Baer (pictured), in Karlsruhe, Germany on 7 October and recorded a message for the Afghan Women’s Judges Association (AWJA).

The main goal was to send a message expressing sympathy and solidarity, especially given the difficult situation in Afghanistan and the circumstances of the pandemic in 2020. Judge Baer recognised the difficulties of female judges and legal professionals in her message and provided a heartfelt statement in support of AWJA’s goals and intentions.

Judge Baer emphasised how equality adds to the quality of justice and thus improves trust in the entire legal system and the rule of law. The message also provides advice on how to argue for equality in a professional context and the experiences made in Germany.

The message was streamed the next day and well received by AWJA members at their plenary session in Kabul. This is part of the German Federal Foreign Office funded project “The Afghan Women Judges Association: empowerment through capacity-building, partnership and advocacy“.