The Foundation and its Afghan partner support the organisation of the last AWJA plenary session of 2020

AWJA sets itself an ambitious mission: more women judges for better justice

On 8 October 2020, the Max Planck Foundation together with the Afghan Legal Research Development Organisation (ALRDO) facilitated this year’s last plenary session with the Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA) in Kabul. AWJA members have decided to focus on promoting the presence of women at all levels of the Afghan judiciary as well as to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Afghan women judges.

The judges debated which mission statement they ought to choose and which action plan they should decide upon to implement their goals. The judges considered examples from other countries and decided to focus on advocating for a quantitative push as well as to augment the education of female judges through capacity building. Last week they concluded their deliberations and gave themselves this mission.

As a first step, AWJA will now focus on building up its own institutions. It needs a safe space to meet and then elect their President, Vice-President and committees to start their work, before being able to reach out to other judges in a prepared and professional manner and establishing a good relationship with the leadership of the Supreme Court.

AWJA has taken the first steps in establishing itself as an association. Female judges will soon channel their efforts to promote their mission with more clarity and unity among themselves.

This event was part of the German Federal Foreign Office funded project “The Afghan Women Judges Association: empowerment through capacity-building, partnership and advocacy“.