The Foundation and its partners conduct working group on a Commentary for the Administrative Procedure Law of Afghanistan

For the fourth time, a panel of administrative law experts met in Kabul with Foundation staff joining online

On 3 June 2021, the Foundation and its local partners, the Afghan Legal Research Development Organisation and Integrity Watch Afghanistan, hosted the fourth meeting of the technical working group for the upcoming commentary on Afghanistan’s code of administrative procedure. The event brought together leading Afghan administrative legal experts and practitioners to discuss the theoretical underpinnings and practical workings of administrative law in Afghanistan. This workshop focused on the decision-making processes of agencies and the procedures for the resolution of complaints between authorities or by citizens as well as the formulation of practical examples as part of the commentary.

Administrative law and procedure in Afghanistan were formalised relatively recently and actors in the field cannot draw on a significant corpus of stable practices or settled conceptual understandings. The technical working group serves to discern emerging patterns of institutional behaviour, derive clear and workable definitions, and thereby render administrative procedure both more streamlined internally as well as transparent to concerned members of the public.

The working groups’ outcomes directly inform the upcoming commentary for use by civil servants, administrative review boards, courts, lawyers, and academics. Its content will furthermore be presented in an accessible form for the benefit of individuals wishing to challenge administrative decisions and defend their rights under the administrative procedure law. After this working group (part of a series of seven), the Foundation and its partners look forward to the following workshops and the publication of the commentary. The event forms part of the project entitled “Strengthening the Implementation of the Administrative Procedure Law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.