7th Plenary Session of AWJA lays the ground for general assembly in Kabul

The main focus was on changes to be made to the organisation’s statutes in view of the upcoming general assembly

The Max Planck Foundation and its partners, the Afghanistan Legal Research and Development Organisation (ALRDO), together with the Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA) hosted AWJA’s third plenary session in Kabul in 2021 on 10 June 2021, the seventh since the beginning of the series in 2020. In full compliance with active risk reduction rules to guard against the spread of COVID-19 in Afghanistan, around 30 judges attended the event, actively engaging in proceedings geared towards articulating the organisation’s road map and a detailed action plan.

The session opened with the screening of a video message by the President of the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ), the Honourable Vanessa Ruiz, who welcomed the AWJA’s membership and elaborated upon two IAWJ resolutions on Afghanistan that are currently considered for adoption.

Partaking judges then engaged in detail with the provisions of AWJA’s current statute in an effort to adopt amendments facilitating improved representation and decision-making capacity of members ahead of the upcoming General Assembly. A particular focus of lively discussion was on rules and regulations concerning active participation, eligibility for institutional office and the future role of the organisation’s founding members.

The proceedings are part of the project “The Afghan Women Judges Association: Empowerment Through Capacity-building, Partnership and Advocacy”, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.