The Afghan Women Judges Association: Empowerment through Capacity Building, Partnership and Advocacy

The adoption of the 2004 Constitution of Afghanistan enshrined, among many other entitlements, the equality of women before the law as well as their rights to education and to work. Soon thereafter, significant numbers of women joined the ranks of the judiciary. Female judges, however, face a range of obstacles in their professional development and career advancement which are not necessarily experienced by their male colleagues. Afghanistan’s pursuit of lasting peace depends not least on the confidence of all members of society in the strength, professionalism and inclusiveness of its state institutions, including the judiciary. Women have a fundamental role to play in the modern institutional landscape of the Afghan state, even if their contributions and exposure to public life are not universally welcomed.

The Foundation supports the professional advancement of female judges in Afghanistan through dedicated training sessions for female legal professionals, especially judges. These focus on the judges’ contemplation and application of the wider array of rights and entitlements that is made available by Afghan constitutional law to inform cases under their adjudication. Moreover, the Foundation assists the empowerment and strengthening of the Afghan Women Judges Association (AWJA) as a driving force in furthering the cause of female judges. On this basis, it arranges an informal exchange between AWJA and its German counterpart, the Deutsche Juristinnenbund (djb). The Foundation implements these activities jointly with its partner organisation in Kabul, the  Afghanistan Legal Research and Development Organization (ALRDO).


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1 January 2020 – 31 December 2021

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