International Law for Afghan Ministries II

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has assumed obligations towards the international community through international treaties and other international instruments. The establishment and the realisation of these obligations require comprehensive knowledge of Public International Law in its entire scope as well as a viable implementation mechanism. Due to the political and security-related uncertainty that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan faces the legal capacities of the Afghan ministries and other governmental institutions could not develop in a way to sufficiently meet these requirements.

The objective of this project is to increase knowledge on Public International Law and its application among employees and officials of the Afghan government responsible for matters related to International Law and thereby promote the rule of law. Additionally, the project shall further strengthen Afghan state officials to independently participate in international legal transactions with a high degree of competence and skill.

In order to reach this aim the Max Planck Foundation has been conducting courses in Public International Law since 2011. Participants were members of parliament (2011), diplomats (2011–2012) and members of various ministries (2013–2014). The Max Planck Foundation, in cooperation with the Hamida Barmaki Organization, is now providing specialised courses that are tailored to the responsibilities and tasks the addressed state authorities have to carry out in the field of Public International Law.

The project was designed in coordination with the Foundation’s main implementation partner, the Institute of Diplomacy of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since Afghan ministries and other state institutions know best the thematic link between their work and Public International Law, representatives of these institutions are given the opportunity to propose course topics that are of particular relevance and benefit to their work. In order to increase the capacity of the responsible authorities to fulfil international legal obligations we will jointly identify gaps and propose suitable and feasible solutions.


German Foreign Office


5 February 2015 – 30 June 2016

Local Partners

  • Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI)
  • Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution (ICOIC)
  • Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC)
  • Capacity Building for Results (CBR)

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