Strengthening Human Rights in View of Peace: a Partnership with the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

Peace and stability in Afghanistan are significantly premised on public confidence in the strength and fairness of the new political compact, embodied by the institutions of the post-2004 Islamic Republic. Such confidence cannot be sustained without the appropriate awareness, observation and enforcement of human rights obligations which the state owes to all of its citizens. However, the improvement of Afghanistan’s human rights record requires immense efforts from those state and non-state actors in their struggle for the political and social entrenchment of respect for rights. Without an effective institutional grounding of observers and advocates, and without enhanced rights consciousness which transcends regions and social groups, courts and other rights enforcers remain severely limited in their power to uphold the rule of law where this affects the population most directly. Severe human rights violations continue with impunity.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) was established on the basis of the 2004 Constitution of Afghanistan to monitor compliance with human rights obligations and to handle complaints and petitions of victims of infringements. The Foundation supports the AIHRC in its efforts to promote popular rights consciousness and offer expert assistance to wronged citizens who seek recourse before the courts. The Foundation offers expert legal training sessions to AIHRC staff who themselves raise rights awareness among key civil society and state actors, ranging from legal professionals and activists to law enforcement personnel. Moreover, it assists the complaints handling, monitoring and investigation units of the AIHRC on the basis of an ongoing consultancy aimed at the consolidation of their institutional capabilities.

The Foundation implements these activities jointly with its partner organisation in Kabul, the Afghanistan Legal Research and Development Organization (ALRDO).


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1 January 2021 – 31 December 2022

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