Strengthened Social Rights of Internally Displaced Persons

The 2020 conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia has further complicated the situation of IDPs. This is especially true regarding housing, property, and land rights (HLP rights). It is important to document the violation of rights as well as to prevent the destruction of IDPs’ property in the post-conflict phase. Furthermore, legal issues are a key aspect of transitional justice and the (re)establishment of the rule of law.

The aim of the project is to improve IDPs’ access to justice (especially with regards to housing, land, and property rights) and thereby strengthen their social and economic rights as a whole. In concrete terms, local actors, in particular human rights lawyers, NGOs and IDP organisations, will be trained to support the rights of IDPs.

Their rights will also be strengthened through awareness raising within civil society, through the development of concrete policy recommendations by experts and through regional exchange with experts from neighbouring countries. This will improve the situation of IDPs in all regions of Azerbaijan – but especially in the rural areas particularly affected by the conflict. In addition, the focus is also on access to information and legal aid for IDPs with special needs.


German Foreign Office

Implementing Partner

The Law Association of Azerbaijan



1 April 2021 – 31 December 2021

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