Start date: 2015
Areas of expertise: Public International Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Fundamental Principles of Governance; International Humanitarian Law; International Criminal Law; Diplomatic and Consular Law
Highlights: 3 projects, 10+ workshops, roundtable conferences, training of young generation of diplomats


The Paris Peace Accords, signed in 1991, brought three decades of armed conflict and civil war in Cambodia to an end. Since then, the country has made steps towards the development of democratic structures and the rule of law, but has also experienced setbacks. Today, Cambodia is party to many international conventions, including the core international Human Rights treaties. However, the effective promotion, protection and enforcement of applicable Human Rights laws within the country can still significantly improve. The young generation of Cambodians will shape the future of the country in the years to come and is eager to gain further knowledge and develop the necessary skillset for their responsibilities.

Against this backdrop, the Foundation has implemented several workshops on Public International Law in general and Human Rights in particular for both chambers of Parliament (The Senate and the National Assembly). The workshops followed a direct request from both houses, whose members of parliament and legal staff participated in workshops and round tables on select Human Rights topics. Additionally, the Foundation supported the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia’s Parliamentary Training Programme by designing the training materials and implementing workshops on various topics for Cambodia’s next generation of diplomats. Most recently, the Foundation is supporting the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia’s Regional Fellowship, which has expanded this endeavour on a regional level.

Current projects in Cambodia

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