Start date: 2021
Areas of expertise: Human rights, refugee law
Highlights: 2 projects, awareness raising workshops, capacity-building seminars, and conferences


The Republic of Azerbaijan proclaimed its independence in 1991, shortly before the Dissolution of the Soviet Union. Azerbaijan’s economy has since prospered mostly due to a large oil and gas industry. But unresolved problems include high levels of corruption and the weakness of state institutions. Despite a relatively stable economic situation, the country’s wealth, does not reach the majority of the population. Many families still live in poor conditions and wage a daily struggle for the well-being of their children. Additionally, Azerbaijan has one of the largest concentrations of internally displaced persons (IDPs) per capita in the world. As a result of the war in 1991, some 800,000 people fled the conflict area in Nagorno-Karabakh. The second war in 2020 has further complicated the situation of IDPs.

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