Start date: 2013 (2005 to 2012 at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)
Areas of expertise: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Public International Law, Human Rights
Highlights: over 16 projects, including 30+ workshops, 3+ secondments


Despite some progress, two decades after the end of the Taliban rule, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan still faces serious obstacles in its deployment of a nationwide framework for justice and the rule of law. The strength, fairness and efficacy of the state’s judicial and administrative institutions and respect for human rights are fundamental prerequisites for public confidence in the viability of the state, especially as it seeks to quell the unrest that grips the country.

The Foundation recognises that enduring peace and stability are premised on a robust constitutional and administrative legal framework committed to the ideal of the rule of law. It provides legal technical assistance to the Afghan government and supports capacity building measures to the benefit of judicial, legislative and administrative institutions as well as to members of civil society. These initiatives are specifically designed to address legal fields with a special bearing on the rule of law and on the way in which it is experienced in encounters of citizens and state. All activities are closely coordinated with the Afghan stakeholders, grounded in locally felt needs, mutual trust and respect and a rightful sense of local ownership.

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