Start date: 2013 (2005 to 2012 at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law)
Areas of expertise: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Public International Law, Human Rights
Highlights: over 16 projects, including 30+ workshops, 3+ secondments


Notwithstanding some positive changes, nearly two decades after the end of the Taliban rule, Afghanistan is still wrestling with serious challenges in its legal system. A state that promotes the rule of law and the observation of human rights remains a fundamental goal to attain; and this is even more important in light of the continuous unrest in the country.

The Foundation’s work in Afghanistan relies on the idea that an effective constitutional and administrative framework based on the rule of law is a key component in achieving enduring political stability and social peace. The Foundation primarily provides legal technical assistance to the government and supports capacity building in the Afghan justice institutions, the state administration, civil society and the state legislature. In all their activities, the legal analysts and researchers of the Foundation focus on areas essential for the development of the rule of law, many of which have not been covered by the international community in other projects. All activities are closely coordinated with the Afghan stakeholders in order to accomplish sustainable changes.

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