Start date: 2018
Areas of expertise: Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Reconciliation, Mediation
Highlights: 3 projects, a series of workshops and stakeholder consultations


Almost 25 years after the end of the armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the prevailing situation suggests that politics and society remain largely divided along the lines of the past conflict. Whilst legislation and institutions have undergone attempts at large-scale reforms, individual traumata and injustices of the past have not been systematically addressed and there is no clear vision on how to overcome these obstacles on the path to a peaceful and prosperous future.

Since the initiative was received with massive interest, the Foundation is currently implementing the second phase with support from the German Federal Foreign Office. Furthermore plans are prepared to extend the geographical reach by including BiH’s neighbours for a regional strategic approach to reconciliation and trust-building.

Current projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Completed projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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