Start date: 2019
Areas of expertise: Legislative drafting, legislative review, Public International Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights
Highlights: 2 projects, judicial and legislative reform, 13+ workshops, roundtables, several legal consultations


In 2008, the Maldives adopted a new Constitution, and over the last decade, the country has sought to strengthen democratic institutions, but with frequent setbacks. These democratic institutions include the People’s Majlis, which is the unicameral legislative chamber, and the judiciary, which is represented across the country’s 26 atolls. In November 2018, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih came into power and issued an ambitious agenda, which proposes both judicial and legislative reforms.

The Foundation launched its first project in the Maldives supporting the new Government’s legislative and judicial reform agenda with a number of activities. Legislative drafting workshops, expert consultancies and legislative review support will be provided to assist Members of Parliament, the Attorney General’s Office and other actors involved in law-making. This will be coupled with a series of workshops for the judiciary and a roundtable for the Supreme Court in cooperation with the Judicial Academy in 2020.

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