Supporting Chile’s Constitution Making Process - Phase III

After the constitutional text prepared by the Constitutional Convention was rejected by the population in the Referendum, which was held on 4 September 2022, Chile’s main political parties concluded a new agreement (Acuerdo por Chile) in December 2022 to undertake a new constitution-making process in 2023. The new process will involve the back-to-back work of two main bodies, ie, an Expert Committee of 24 members appointed by Congress, and a Constitutional Council of at least 50 members elected by the population. In total, both bodies will have seven months to draft a new text which will be submitted to a referendum in December 2023.

With the generous support from the German Federal Foreign Office, the Foundation has been able to design a third phase of the project ‘Supporting Chile’s Constitution Making process’, which aims at the provision of technical legal assistance to the main bodies of the new constitutional process. The third phase of the project builds on the experience and groundwork the Foundation developed during the phases I and II of the project.


German Foreign Office


1 February 2023 – 30 June 2024

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