Combating Stereotypes and Promoting Pluralism and Diversity in Georgia

Georgia is a country with a high degree of ethnic, linguistic, socio-economic, cultural and religious diversity. More than 25 different ethnic groups are sharing the state’s territory. Inclusion and mutual understanding being core values for peaceful co-existence in diverse contexts, the Max Planck Foundation together with its local project partner, the Civil Council on Defense and Security (CCDS) works with local civil society actors to promote pluralism and diversity among Georgia’s multi-ethnic and diverse population in the framework of the short-term project ‘Combating Stereotypes and Promoting Pluralism and Diversity in Georgia’.

In a series of workshops to be held all over the country with media representatives and representatives of ethnic minorities, questions of diversity, inclusion, equality and justice, as well as the concepts of intersectionality and equity are reflected upon and discussed with the participants. In addition to that, comparative experiences and international legal instruments are shared and debated with the participants to foster inclusion and equality. The workshops should also provide the participants with the space and time to openly speak about the challenges facing civil society in the country, including the shrinking space for civic engagement.

The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office in the context of strengthening cooperation with civil society in the Eastern Partnership Countries.


German Foreign Office


12 September 2022 – 31 December 2022


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