Support to the Constitutional Reform Process in Sudan

As the endeavours for constitutional reform in the Republic of the Sudan still continue, the Foundation launched its follow-up project with the German Federal Foreign Office in January 2019. As with its previous programme, the project is being directed towards the enhancement of technical legal capacities in the area of comparative constitutional law of key actors within the constitutional reform.

Among the group of direct beneficiaries are members of the Sudanese National Assembly and the Sudanese Council of States as it is envisaged that the National Legislature assumes a key function with respect to the constitutional reform. Also included are high-ranking judges, judges from the Shari’a courts and members of the civil society. However, some uncertainty still exists with respect to the concrete group of drafters responsible for the new (or merely amended) constitution as well as its detailed drafting and adoption process. For this reason, the project is specifically geared towards including additional key players with regard to the constitutional reform and is prepared to respond to political developments in a timely manner.

The Foundation is providing the legal capacity building measures on a technical level focussing on core matters of comparative constitutional law and constitutional drafting processes. The trainings follow an academic and comparative law approach with consideration for the constitutional history of the Sudanese Republic, outlining international legal standards and introducing best model practices on constitutional design. The latter are carefully selected in accordance with the needs and prerequisites of the Sudanese and with respect to the Sudanese constitutional framework and context.


German Foreign Office


1 January 2019 – 31 December 2020

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