Support to the Implementation of the Strategy for Prevention and Combating Discrimination in Ukraine

A National Human Rights Strategy for Ukraine was drafted in 2014 and should be implemented from 2015 to 2020. One of its main goals is to ‘combat discrimination on all grounds in all spheres of public life’ and ‘to develop and implement effective mechanisms for prevention and combating discrimination’. The Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights is an institution that should significantly contribute to the implementation of the Strategy. The project implemented by the Max Planck Foundation will contribute to the stabilisation process through improving the capacity of the Parliament Commissioner’s Office in the area of anti-discrimination as well as through engaging other stakeholders – public authorities and civil society organizations – which are in a position to contribute to greater equality and mutual tolerance in Ukraine.

The overall objective of the project is to ensure effective enforcement of mechanisms for the protection against discrimination in Ukraine and to promote respect for the principle of equality based on the objectives of the Strategy for Preventing and Combating Discrimination in Ukraine 2014-2017. The specific objective of the project is to support the Parliament Commissioner in the realisation of the Strategy; to improve professional skills of the Office staff with respect to the interpretation and application of the international human rights standards on anti-discrimination; to enhance the capacity of the Office to interact with public authorities; to increase effectiveness of the implementation of recommendations issued by the Parliament Commissioner; to raise awareness of other stakeholders including public authorities and non-governmental organisations on international anti-discrimination standards and comparative good practices of other equality bodies as well as on the role and functioning of the Office of Parliament Commissioner.

In order to achieve the project aims a training programme and training materials will be drafted, and a total of five workshops on non-discrimination, one thereof in Kyiv and four in the regions, will be conducted. Workshops will be held in the Western and Eastern parts of Ukraine as well as in the South of the country. In the first project phase the Training of Trainers (ToT) will be completed before organising further workshops in the regions. A study tour of the Ukrainian delegation to Germany will take place in June 2016.


German Foreign Office


1 January 2016 – 31 December 2016

Local Partners

  • Ukraine Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision

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