Supporting Administrative Law in Vietnam

Vietnam’s legal system has historically developed in a system of concentration of state powers. However, following significant reforms, the country is transitioning towards implementing the rule of law, further catalysed by its accession to the World Trade Organisation in 2007.

Judicial review of administrative action is essential to uphold the rule of law in any society. In 1996, Vietnam first introduced judicial review of administrative law and has subsequently developed substantive and procedural administrative law to support this. The ordinary courts have jurisdiction over administrative law review, which is significant given that the Standing Committee of the National Assembly hold the power to interpret the Constitution, Laws and Ordinances in Vietnam.

In this context, it is essential that citizens, public officials and the judiciary understand the system of judicial review of administrative action in Vietnam. The Foundation aims to encourage a better understanding of the system and proper utilisation by developing detailed publications with leading academic scholars that will be available in both English and Vietnamese.



1 January 2019 – concluded

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