Cambodia (past project)

The Kingdom of Cambodia has signed and ratified numerous international treaties and conventions in recent years. To ensure that national law is in accordance with these international obligations, however, further efforts are needed. In particular, the effective protection of human rights requires a basic awareness and understanding of the relevant standards and protection mechanisms among national decision-makers.

In this regard, the Max Planck Foundation plans to implement a project to raise awareness and build capacities for sustainability regarding international treaty obligations, with a specific focus on human rights. Local project partners include the two chambers of the national Parliament, General Assembly and Senate. Using a comparative legal approach, the parliamentarians and their legal advisors will be taught knowledge and skill sets needed to examine whether the laws and future legislative proposals are in accordance with relevant international treaty obligations and human rights standards.

The project activities include several practice-oriented seminars that will teach both theoretical foundations and practical implementation approaches from countries in the region. A “train-the-trainers” seminar will also ensure that the participants will later act as multipliers to pass on the knowledge gained. During a conference with senior representatives of both chambers of Parliament and independent experts, results of the project activities will be discussed and future measures determined in order to apply the acquired knowledge sustainably. Additionally, the Foundation will advise the National Assembly and the Senate with respect to the contents of their libraries and provide funds for the acquisition of current and relevant legal literature.


15 December 2015–14 December 2016

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