Supporting Chile’s Constitution Making Process - Phase II

The Foundation will be implementing the second phase of the project between January 2021 to July 2022. This phase will run parallel to the establishment and functioning of Chile’s democratically elected constituent body, the constitutional convention (convención constitucional). Due to the sensitive nature of this process, activities will be implemented that fully respect local ownership and political neutrality, which are core elements of the Foundation’s guiding principles. In this sense, the activities constituting this project’s phase will aim to foster dialogue amongst stakeholders from across the political spectrum, in order to promote healthier debates and deliberations that can facilitate the success of the process. The Foundation’s focus will be on providing comparative legal research to all stakeholders to enhance the debate.

Therefore, the Foundation will collaborate with academic institutions and think-tanks in the organisation of online workshops, roundtables and webinars, which will address key constitutional issues from a comparative perspective. In addition, assistance will continue with the implementation of an online platform that provides relevant information to the general public on constitution-making processes, which is easily accessible in Spanish. Importantly, throughout this phase of the project the Foundation will remain willing and able to provide technical legal assistance, directly or indirectly, to the constituent-body, should support be required.


German Foreign Office


1 January 2021 – 31 January 2023

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