Democratising the Legislative Process in Iraq

The Max Planck Foundation and the Parliamentary Legislative Department (PLD) of the Iraqi Parliament are partnering in the framework of a two-year project (2023-2025) aimed at “democratising the legislative process and strengthening the legislative drafting capacities of the Parliamentary Legislative Department of the House of Representatives in Iraq”, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. The overall objectives are to increase the ability of the legislative process to deliver stabilising policies and basic services, to generate trust and confidence among the population, and to strengthen legitimate governance structures and institutional processes that are conducive to stability in Iraq.

The Foundation will deliver a series of trainings to legislative drafters and legal advisors of the PLD in the following areas: technical skills, drafting techniques and best practices, which will include drafting exercises, capstone exercises, problem-solving and substantive knowledge transfer on compliance with fundamental principles and provisions of constitutional law and international law; best practices and standards in relation to participatory law-making mechanisms and how to incorporate them into the legislative process to enhance its inclusiveness, particularly in relation to vulnerable and marginalised groups; and designing and enhancing processes for pre- and post-enactment legislative and regulatory impact assessments. Where specifically requested by the leadership of the PLD, the Foundation is also providing commentary, technical recommendations and options for draft laws being drafted by the PLD. The project further includes a study visit for legislative drafters to exchange views and experiences with another parliamentary legislative drafting institution.