Strengthening the Constitutional System of the Kingdom of Morocco: Enhancing the Capacities of the Constitutional Court

At the beginning of 2011, the Kingdom of Morocco initiated constitutional reforms that led to the new Constitution successfully coming into force. Inter alia, the constitutional reforms also included the consolidation of a new Constitutional Court based in Morocco’s capital Rabat. The Constitutional Court replaced the former Constitutional Council and as a result was given extended constitutional review powers to guard the constitution’s supremacy and its enforcement within the Kingdom. As the Court took up its functions in April 2017, the Foundation started building cooperative ties with the Court, which led to the project’s launch in October 2018.

Until the end of the project, the Foundation envisages implementing a total of five legal seminars tailor-made for the members of the Moroccan Constitutional Court to support their work as the highest constitutional review authority in the country. Thematically the seminars will concentrate on constitutional law, constitutional courts jurisprudence, international law and interpretation of constitutional provisions. Throughout the seminars, following its proven comparative constitutional law approach, the Foundation will provide examples of the practice and functions from other Constitutional Courts abroad. As the Moroccan Court expressed particular interest in the experiences of the Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany, a specific focus will therefore be placed on the German court’s development, experiences and jurisdiction.


German Foreign Office


1 October 2018 – 31 December 2020

Local Partners

  • La Cour Constitutionnelle du Royaume du Maroc

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