Seminar on Constitutional Adjudication with the Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Morocco

The Foundation implements first seminar with Constitutional Court Judges of Morocco

On 4 April 2019, the Foundation held its first “Constitutional Adjudication” seminar with the Judges of the Constitutional Court of Morocco at the Court in Rabat.

Dr Said Ihrai, the President of the Moroccan Constitutional Court, and his colleagues had explicitly requested that the specific thematical focus of the various sessions and discussions of the seminar to be directed at the experiences of the Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany. For this reason, the various presentations concentrated on the role and jurisdiction of the German Federal Constitutional Court with particular emphasis on the procedure of constitutional complaints raised by individuals. To achieve a thorough comparative legal analysis, one of the Moroccan Constitutional Court judges also presented on Morocco’s constitutional history and introduced the Moroccan Court’s competences and jurisprudence at the outset.

The seminar was held on the Constitutional Court’s second anniversary after its establishment in 2017 based on the Moroccan Constitution of 2011; it marked the starting point for a fruitful and ongoing cooperation between the Foundation and the Moroccan Constitutional Court with generous support from the German Federal Foreign Office.