Promoting peaceful development in Nicaragua through stakeholder engagement and capacity building

The project contributes to social and economic progress and the establishment of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Nicaragua. It is based on an academic cooperation with the Instituto Martin Luther King and particularly aims to support the institute’s work in the fields of pacific settlement of disputes and awareness raising regarding socio-economic rights. The project seeks to build capacity and to contribute  to renewed dialogue between different stakeholders by providing technical and legal assistance.

The support foreseen in this project focuses, inter alia, on alternative dispute resolution, i.e. techniques and procedures, the organisation of roundtables and workshops, the provision of assistance in drafting materials that contribute to awareness raising and capacity building. The importance of the Foundation’s involvement lies in the fact that the project aims to enhance cooperation between different stakeholders by providing impartial technical advice.


German Foreign Office


1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022

Local Partners

  • Instituto Martin Luther King

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