Empowering Voices for inclusive peace and security

Georgia faces a complex security situation, marked by longstanding territorial disputes. However, women remain largely underrepresented in peace and security processes, resulting in a marginalisation of their perspectives and experiences. To foster peace and enhance security in an inclusive and transformative way, the approach of a Feminist Foreign Policy can provide valuable guidance. This initiative therefore introduces the concept of Feminist Foreign Policy to various Georgian stakeholders through workshops in Batumi and Kutaisi and thereby integrates these novel perspectives into the discussions on peace and security in Georgia. It addresses civil society representatives and members of local municipalities in the regions. By enhancing their knowledge of Feminist Foreign Policy, the project aims to shed light on more diverse and inclusive understandings and visions of peace and security structures in Georgia and to ultimately render the discussion more representative of diverse voices. The project will culminate in a conference to be held in Tbilisi, which will gather participants of the workshops and members of the Gender Equality Council of the Georgian Parliament to discuss the concept and applicability of Feminist Foreign Policy in Georgia and measures of implementation.

This initiative is carried out by the Max Planck Foundation in collaboration with its longstanding Georgian partner, the Civil Council on Defense and Security. The project implementation is made possible through the generous financial support provided by the German Federal Foreign Ministry as part of the programme “Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia”.


German Foreign Office


01 May 2024 – 31 December 2024


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