Second Training-of-Trainers Workshop for Somali Legal Advisers to the Somali Federal Parliament

Max Planck Foundation trains Somali Legal Advisers

The EU funded project “Capacity Building and Legal Advise for the Somali Federal Parliament” supports the Somali Federal Parliament through systematic capacity building and the provision of technical legal advice and comparative research on a number of constitutional law questions of relevance to the Somali constitutional review and implementation process. In line with the Foundation’s training-of-trainers methodology this envisions the delivery of a training-of-trainers workshop series to Somali Legal Advisers, who will in turn deliver trainings for the honourable members of the Somali Federal Parliament.

The second training-of-trainers workshop, which took place from 13 until 17 November 2017 in Nairobi addressed the topics “Vertical Separation of Powers in a Federal System”, “Fundamental Rights and Duties”, “Role of the Legislature in Government Oversight and Budgetary Processes” and “Different Legal Systems and Legislative Drafting Standards”. Each of these topics was addressed by a substantial presentation on the subject matter, followed by a working group assignment allowing the participants to apply their newly gained knowledge. In the ensuing discussions both, presentation and working group assignment were adjusted taking into account the feedback and input of the Somali Technical Advisers. These adjusted workshop materials will now be used by the Somali Legal Advisers for the trainings for honourable members of the Somali Federal Parliament in Mogadishu.

As the Somali Legal Advisers had already delivered the first trainings for members of the Somali Federal Parliament on the ground, this training-of-trainers workshop served also as a platform for sharing the experiences and discussions of lessons learned during the first round of trainings in the Somali Federal Parliament.