Monthly Archives: January 2019

Max Planck Foundation holds Concluding Conference for German Federal Foreign Office project with the Sudanese Parliament

On 1 December 2018, the Max Planck Foundation held its final conference at the Sudanese [...]

First workshop on access to justice and administrative services for internally displaced persons in Ukraine

The Foundation started implementing a 16-month project on Access to Justice and Administrative Services for [...]

Professor Nathan Brown presents on ‘Islamic Inflation in Arab Constitutional Texts’ at the Max Planck Foundation

The professor, a leading authority and scholar of international affairs and politics in the Middle [...]

Max Planck Foundation Workshop with the Constitutional Court of Jordan

Workshop for Judges of the Constitutional Court of Jordan on Methods and Principles of Interpretation [...]

New Memorandum of Understanding Signed with the Upper House of the Somali Federal Parliament

Max Planck Foundation prolongs its collaboration with the Upper House in Somalia On 5 December [...]

Workshop on International and Domestic Prosecution of International Crimes in Juba, South Sudan

Final Workshop with Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal of South Sudan 04 – 06 [...]