Max Planck Foundation workshop for judges of the Court of Cassation and the ordinary courts, Jordan

24 judges trained on the application of International Law and International Treaty Law in Jordan

From 18 until 20 December, the Max Planck Foundation delivered a three-day workshop on ‘Fundamental Principles of International Law and Treaty Law for Judges of the Court of Cassation and Judges of Ordinary Courts’.

The technical content of the workshop on the first day focused on the development, sources and core principles of international law. The second day covered the Law of Treaties in detail, with a focus on the mechanisms allowing for reservations and declarations to limit international treaty obligations of states-parties. The last day of the workshop covered the status of International Law in the hierarchy of laws in various Arab, Middle-Eastern and North African constitutions from a comparative perspective and an analysis of its position in the Jordanian Constitution and the jurisprudence of Jordanian courts. Judge Dr. Nu’man El-Khatib, from the Constitutional Court of Jordan, delivered a detailed presentation on the application of international law by Jordanian courts prior to the establishment of the Constitutional Court and since its establishment.

The workshop is one component of the Max Planck Foundation’s project on ‘Raising Technical Capacity and Technical Knowledge of Judges of the Constitutional Court and Ordinary Courts in Jordan (2017-2019)’, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. The project aims to enhance the capacity of judicial and legal institutions in Jordan on constitutional jurisprudence, substantive and procedural interaction between the Constitutional Court and ordinary courts, and the application of international law by Jordanian courts.