Foundation supports Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs of Somalia on constitution review process

Capacity building workshop on the constitution making process and reconciliation

On 7 July 2021, the Max Planck Foundation organised a workshop for staff at the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs on the relationship between Somali constitutions and the outcome of reconciliation conferences.

As part of the framework of the EU-funded project entitled “Legal Capacity Building and Technical Support for the Somali Federal Parliament“, the Foundation conducted a one-day capacity building workshop on the impact of Somali peace-building agreements,  charters, and past and present Somali constitutions. The presentation started with a comparative analysis of Somalia’s post-independence constitutions and the public participation afforded in each of these constitutions. Secondly, the presentation discussed the different stages of reconciliation and how it influences the constitution-making process. Thirdly, the focus was on how Somalia’s system of government shifted from a centralised to a federal system.

This workshop aimed to enhance the capacity of the Ministry’s staff for the conclusion of the constitution review process. The presentation was conducted in person by the Foundation’s local technical and legal advisor for the Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs. The participants actively engaged and contributed to the discussion and were highly appreciative of the event.