The Foundation provides training for Judges of the Balqa and Zarqa Courts and the Administrative Courts in Jordan on the Boundaries of Judicial Review

Foundation experts delivered two workshops to build the capacity of judges of the Courts in Balqa and Zarqa and of Administrative Court Judges in Jordan, in cooperation with the the Judicial Council of Jordan, The Judicial Institute of Jordan and the Courts of Balqa and Zarqa.

The two workshops took place from 6-7 December and 8-9 December 2021 at the Judicial Institute in Amman and were formally inaugurated by the Judge Nawal al-Jawhari, Director of the Judicial Institute of Jordan, Judge Majid al-Ghubari from the Amman Administrative Court and the Head of Project at the Max Planck Foundation.

The workshops focused on training judges of the first instance and appeals courts in Balqa and Zarqa and the administrative courts in Amman to better understand the technical nuances and differences between ordinary judicial review, administrative review and constitutional review of cases. Specific topics included conflicts of jurisdiction and the limits of institutional dialogue between the Courts and Parliament as regards to review of legislation and applications of constitutional and administrative review in the Jordanian judicial system. Lastly there was an exercise on the conflict of jurisdiction between ordinary and administrative courts.

The workshops were part of the project component to build the capacity of ordinary court judges of the Courts in Balqa and Zarqa Governorates and administrative court judges in Jordan, under the Foundation project Strengthening Legislative Compliance and Constitutional Interpretation in Jordan: for Judges of the Ordinary Courts, the Constitutional Court and the Bureau of Legislation and Opinion, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Photos from 6-7 December 2021 workshops